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The Green Living Planet is a nonprofit organization based in Tanzania that is dedicated to environmental conservation and peoples' welfare - specifically community development The Green Living Planet was established in June 2011, with the aim of conserving the environment and supporting community development projects by providing aid and assistance to Tanzanians, not in the form of money, food, clothing or equipment, but in the form of shared knowledge and expertise.

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We focus much of our work in specifically targeted, high-need schools in Tanzania as we believe it is the youth of today that have the biggest impact in shaping the future

•Tree planting, growing & teaching

•Sustainable Gardening

•Access to clean water


•Women's Development Groups


Let's Go green to make our Planet Clean, Join The race to make the world a better place.

Tanzania’s population stands at over 45 million and many of the country’s inhabitants live off land, directly affecting the condition of the soil and land. Continuous human settlement, over grazing, poor waste management and other misuses of the environment have caused various problems which are now hindering Tanzania’s environmental sustainable development.

Agriculture is the country’s biggest economy.  The majority of Tanzanians rely on wood and agricultural residues which have caused deforestation and environmental degradation and in turn, loss of wildlife. When vegetation is destroyed, the ground becomes susceptible to soil erosion, which greatly reduces its ability to grow new plants. The soil becomes eroded and runs into rivers causing a knock on effect to nature in-rivers and seas.

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Our mission is to promote environmental conservation, sustainable development and human welfare and advancement by bringing basic education and awareness about both environment and life at large to Tanzanian people



Email:       info@greenlivingplanet.org

Phones:   +255 715 181825

                +255 784 181825

Address:  The Green Living Planet

                 P.O. Box 14888,

                 Arusha, Tanzania.

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